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Buy Tangerines Online

Coming from the mandarin, tree that belongs to the family of the Rutáceas, it is considered like the fruit that more resembles the orange by its physical appearance and citrus characteristics, but it is of smaller size and of thinner skin, which makes easier its withdrawal and consumption.

It is characterized by being juicy and sweet flavor, although with a slight acidity, depending on its maturation. It is a tropical fruit, from the areas of Asia and known worldwide, among some of the countries that cultivate can mention: China, Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Morocco, Venezuela, Ecuador and Israel, among others with optimal climatic conditions for production. Given that Spain is among the main countries of cultivation, in Naranjass.com, we can offer you the freshest with distribution throughout the national territory.

Given that Spain is among the main growing countries, in Naranjass.com, we can offer you the freshest with distribution throughout the country.

Characteristics of Tangerin

  • Round shape and flattened at the base.
  • Bark is smooth, orange, and very easy to detach, you can even make your hands.
  • Contains vitamin C, flavonoids and essential oils.
  • It measures between 4-7 centimetres in length and has a diameter of about 5-8 centimetres.
  • They are classified in four groups, according to the type of tree where they are produced.

Tangerin Groups

Tangerin are grouped into four groups according to the type of Tangerin tree that produces them, each group retains different characteristics:

  1. Tangerin Clementine: To this belong the most common Tangerines, are small size, intense orange color, seedless and its juice is very sweet, among its varieties we have:
  • Arrufatina
  • Marisol.
  • Big gold.
  • Clementine fine.
  • Clemenrubi.
  • Oronules.
  • Oroval.
  • Clemenules.
  1. Tangerin Satsuma: Originally from Japan, it is fast maturing and resistant to low temperatures, is yellowish and flattened. With regard to its skin, this is thick and rough, has no seeds and a less intense flavor than other tangerines. They are of greater industrial use especially in the production of syrups and juices. Among the most important varieties stand out:
  • Owari.
  • Clausellina.
  • Okitsu Wase.
  1. Clemenvillas Tangerines: They are of Mediterranean origin and not very resistant to cold. They produce very tasty tangerines with excellent qualities, ideal for making juices, its color is reddish and larger. Hybrids: They are the result of several crosses of tangerines and are usually harvested at the beginning of the year. They are reddish in appearance, have more juice and its taste is extremely sweet. Among its properties highlights the amount of sugars and organic acids it provides, some of these are:
  • Fortune
  • Ellendale
  • Ortanique

Properties of tangerines:

Although you may have known this fruit for a long time, are you aware of the immense properties it contains? Look at some of the nutrients and vitamins you can get from them:

  • Water (88%)
  • Its main vitamin is C and also has others such as A, B1, B2 and B6 in smaller amounts.
  • It has minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, phosphorus, potassium and magnesium.
  • Presence of beta-carotene and citric acids.
  • Contains fiber (pectin).

Benefits of Tangerines:

In addition to being known for having a sweet taste and a pleasant aroma, tangerines bring with them more optimal properties to consider including it in a balanced diet. It is very consumed by the multiple benefits it provides to the body, such as:

  • Rich in vitamins. Despite being one of the citrus with the lowest amount of vitamin C, provides high doses of other vitamins such as: A, B1, B2, B3 and B6.
  • It controls cholesterol levels. Contains fibers such as hemicellulose and pectin that act as blood cleansers and prevent the intestine from absorbing negative cholesterol.
  • Helps weight loss. Thanks to its high fiber content, the stomach will feel fuller for longer, reducing anxiety.
  • It improves the skin. Vitamins C and E, make the skin regenerate giving it a more youthful and shiny appearance.
  • Uses of the shell. The shell contains oils used for the elaboration of products such as creams, perfumes, essences, among others.
  • It avoids liquid retention.
  • Diminishes the problems to urinate.
  • Strengthens red and white blood cells.
  • It has a calming and relaxing effect.

Nutritional value of Tangerines

Nutritional value per 100 grams.

Carbohidratos 13,34 gr
Azúcares 10,58 gr
Fibra alimentaria 1,1 gr
Grasas 0,31 gr
Grasas saturadas 0,039 gr
Proteínas 0,81 gr
Agua 85,17 gr
Ácido Fólico 4%
Vitamina C 26,7 mg
Calcio 37 mg
Hierro 1%
Magnesio 12 mg
Fósforo 20 mg
Potasio 166 mg
Sodio 2 mg
Zinc 0,07 mg

Buy Tangerines Online

Being a very popular fruit, harvested in Spain and with many forms of consumption, is full of vitamins and nutrients for the body. Want to include it in your daily diet and take advantage of all its benefits?

Thinking about your comfort, in Naranjass.com we give you the possibility to take to your table the freshest tangerines of the market. We offer our services quickly, easily and safely, through which you can place an order online, of any quantity to different parts of Spain, in the comfort of your home or office.

Place your order and enjoy their incredible properties!